Meter Installation

The City of Milford requires 48 hours notice to schedule the installation of electric and water meters. When contacting the Meter Division to schedule meter installation you will be required to give the permit number. Please note that if it is determined that the meter cannot be set at the designated time requested, an additional 48 hours notice may be required for rescheduling purposes.


The following requirements apply with regard to the installation of meters:
  • In the event of multiservice structures (duplexes, apartments, or other similar structure) all pits and sockets will be labeled per the city standard.
  • No meter will be set before all associated fees are paid in full and all inspections have been completed.
  • Water meters will be set only if the meter pit is to grade. The entire site must be to final grade in preparation for sod or seeding. No more than 2 inches will be allowed for the placement of sod (from the ground to the top of the rim on the pit).
  • Where sidewalks exist within the city limits the water meter will not be set until the sidewalk is poured.

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