Leaf / Yard Waste Collection

Leaf Collection
From November 1st through January 31st the City offers a leaf vacuum service, weather permitting. Leaves should be raked to the curb, but not in the street, and covered by a tarp as to prevent them from blowing away, by 7:00 am on your collection day. The tarp will be returned to the resident's yard upon leaf collection. Please see designated route schedule below or check the map.
MAROON ROUTE Monday             GOLD ROUTE – Thursday

**Due to the size of the City and having one leaf vacuum, it may take several weeks to collect all leaves. Please be patient as our crews are working hard to provide this valuable service.

Yard Waste Collection
Yard waste is considered: Grass, leaves, brush, shrubs, garden materials, tree limbs up to 4 inches in diameter and essentially any biodegradable debris.

Yard waste does not include: Sod, dirt, rocks or plastic pots.
Yard waste is collected every other week on Wednesdays, during the same week as recycling collection. It is limited to a 65 or 95-gallon yard waste container which is provided at no charge. Yard waste containers should be placed curbside no later than 7:00 am on collection day.

Yard waste piles and limbs outside of the container will not be removed and is the responsibility of the homeowner as stated in Article II (Yard Waste) of Chapter 193 entitled Solid Waste of the City of Milford Code. An additional container is available for a monthly fee of $12. For more information please call our customer service department at 302-422-6616.
It is unacceptable to place any yard waste into a City issued trash or recycle container. Residents can be subject to a fine in accordance with Article II (Yard Waste) of Chapter 193 entitled Solid Waste of the City of Milford Code or the city may remove the container for misuse. Commingling of containers is prohibited.
Contact Us
If you have questions regarding collection please contact our Customer Service Department at 302-422-6616.