Plan an Event in Milford

We are pleased you have chosen our city for the location of your event and would like your event to be a success. We have designed the permit process to enable you to think through the elements needed for your event and to make the arrangements for all permits and approvals in a timely manner.

Do I Need A Permit For My Event?

You will need a special event permit if the event falls under one or more of the following criteria: 
1. An athletic event, such as a 5/10K run, walk, marathon, bicycle ride/race, that uses a City street, sidewalk, alley, or other right-of-way that obstructs, delays or interferes with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or does not comply with traffic laws and controls.

2. A street fair/block party/neighborhood event that requires a temporary closure of a street or portion of a street to vehicular traffic.

3. A street fair, circus, farmer’s market, street market, art and craft show, exhibition (i.e. car show, air show), carnival, festival, indoor or outdoor musical concert, or other social event or gathering that takes place on a City street, sidewalk, alley or other right-of-way, City property, park or facility.

4. An event or gathering on private property:
    a. That is likely to obstruct, delay or interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
    b. Whose participants are likely not to comply with traffic laws and controls;
    c. That involves the use of, or possibly impacts upon, other public property or facilities and the provision of public safety services in the response thereto. 
If you're unsure whether your event will require a permit or approval from City Council, please call the City Clerk's Office at 302.422.1111 and discuss the details.

Remember, you may also need other permits from other agencies, such as the Delaware Division of Public Health (Office of Food Protection), Delaware Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner, Carlisle Fire Company and/or the City of Milford Building Department. 

Please be aware Kent County Levy Court is offering grants for events held in Milford for FY18.  Information and the application can be found here.

Special Events Permit Application and Information Packet