How Do I...

  1. Apply for a Job

    Locate your perfect job by searching through the city's various employment opportunities.

  2. Find a County Office

    Find the Kent or Sussex County Office to assist you.

  3. Pay Utility Bills or Property Taxes Online

    Make online payments for your utility bill or property taxes.

  4. Apply for a Board or Commission

  5. Set Up Services In My Name

    How to set up utility services, such as electric, water, trash, etc, in a renters or new buyers name.

  6. Read the City Code

    Access Milford's City Code online.

  7. Reserve a City Facility

    Check out available city facilities to reserve.

  8. Register for Activities

    Search, view and register for Parks and Recreation programs.

  9. Schedule a Building Inspection

    Complete this online form to schedule a building inspection.

  10. Report A Code Enforcement Violation

    Submit a complaint to the Code Enforcement Department.

  11. Let Us Know

    Report to the City a concern you have and we will respond and address your concern.

  12. Request Public Records

    Request public records from the City Clerk's office.

  13. View my FEMA Flood Map

    Enter your address to view your current FEMA flood map.