Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan
Thanks to essential public input, the City of Milford now has a Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan for review that shows existing bicycle lanes and other pedestrian facility connections as well as locations that require improvements.

South East Master Plan
In 2009 the City of Milford, in conjunction with the Office of State Planning, the University of Delaware and various state agencies, hosted 3 workshops to discuss community planning. Community planning is a process whereby the community, on a voluntary basis, comes together to develop and implement a shared vision for promoting the well-being of the area.

City Council has approved the SE Master Plan, along with a TDR Sending Analysis. A powerpoint presentation, which was reviewed on June 16, 2011 during a public hearing,is available by clicking here.

Please note: The city is not actively seeking annexation in this (or any other) area. These meetings were not held because of any annexation requests.

Meeting Summaries