Explore Milford

  1. About Milford

    Find demographic and historic information about the City of Milford.

  2. Real Estate Information

    View real estate information with detailed graphical neighborhood data. Learn commute times, affordability, schools, crime statistics, etc.

  3. First State Trails & Pathways Initiative

  4. County Tourism

    Kent County Tourism Office and Southern Delaware Tourism Office

  5. Attractions

    View several attractions available to residents and visitors.

  6. Chamber of Commerce

    Access the Milford Chamber of Commerce website, which provides a directory of members, membership information, and a calendar of upcoming events.

  7. City Facilities & Parks

    View and submit reservations for city facilities and their amenities.

  8. Downtown Parking

    View a map of downtown parking provided by Downtown Milford Inc.

  9. Lodging

    Find contact information for several local lodging choices.

  10. Maps

    View maps of west, central, and east Milford provided by Downtown Milford Inc.