Bulk Item Collection

Bulk Items
Unbagged garbage other than regular household trash, such as furniture, appliances, large items including, but not limited to lawn mowers, barbeque grills, hot water heaters, air conditioners, televisions, doors, cabinets and kids toys.   

Note:  Bulk items do not include materials generated by clearing, construction, demolition and any other such activity producing quantities of solid waste, rock, scrap building materials, appliances containing freon or trash resulting from construction, remodeling or destruction of fire, the elements, acts of God or other causes resulting from a general cleanup of vacant or improved property or trees, brush and/or debris cleared from a property in the preparation for construction or landscaping.  Any yard waste material is not considered a bulk item and shall not be collected and removed by the city.  Such materials shall be removed by the customer.  

Unlawful Acts
It shall be unlawful to place any bulk material or any hazardous chemical on a city street or near a drainage gutter.   

Collection Procedures 
A. Customers are required to contact our Customer Service Department to schedule a pickup.
B. Customer without prior pick-up arrangements will be tagged and notified of subsequent billing.
C. Items not removed by customer in subsequent weeks will be removed and billed accordingly.   

Collection & Rate Schedule
A. The bulk fee shall be determined on a sliding scale based on the number of large items picked up as indicated below:  
    (1)  A minimum of $50 will be billed for each pickup of up to five items.  
    (2)  Each additional item will be billed at $10.    
B.  The city will collect bulk material every Wednesday.  
C.  The city will not collect bulk material during those weeks in which a holiday is observed and trash services do not occur.  Refer to Holiday Closings below that apply.   
Holiday Closings
A. The city observes the following six holidays in which trash services will not occur:   
    New Years    
    Memorial Day
    July 4th
    Labor Day
Contact Us
If you have questions regarding collection please contact our Customer Service Department at 302-422-6616.