Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program teaches children in pre-K through third grade 4 important steps to take if they find a gun. These steps are presented by the program's mascot, Eddie Eagle®, in an easy-to-remember format consisting of the following simple rules if you see a gun:
  • STOP!
  • Don't Touch.
  • Leave the Area.
  • Tell an Adult.
Program Description
The purpose of the Eddie Eagle Program isn't to teach whether guns are good or bad, but rather to promote the protection and safety of children. The course is taught in Milford schools over a 5-day period. Students complete daily assignments and receive homework throughout the week. The program concludes with students being presented with a personalized Certificate of Merit and a reward sticker.

Regardless of whether guns are in the home, most children are curious about guns. That curiosity is equally strong or stronger among children who grow up in homes without guns as it is in those who grow up in gun-owning households. While parents are ultimately responsible for the care, safety, and development of their children, all children need to be taught gun accident prevention to be prepared if they encounter a firearm. Where there is no adult supervision, children must know what to do.

The Eddie Eagle program is taught by School Resource Officer Joey Melvin.
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