Plan an Event in Milford

Special Events

The City of Milford is fortunate to have a number of special events throughout the year that add to the vitality and variety of our community. We welcome and encourage special events that are well-planned and help make Milford a great place to live and visit. 

To that end, the City has created a special events application and permit package that is both a planning tool and an application. We encourage individuals or groups planning an event that will impact municipal services, public streets, and/or other public spaces to download the application and permit packet to learn more. Please send your completed packet to the City Clerk's office for review by the City. If after reading through the packet you still have questions or concerns, please contact the Clerk's office at 302.422.1111.  If you are unsure if your event needs a permit, submit the Pre-Application online form and we will review it and let you know.

If you are planning an annual event that has received a Special Event Permit from the City before, you may be able to complete a Special Events Permit RENEWAL Application.  
Coordination of events between DelDOT and the Clerk's office may be necessary if a DelDOT special event permit is required as well. 

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