The City’s contractor will begin repairs to sidewalks during the months of November and December. Residents will be invoiced for the work in February 2020.  The estimated repair costs are as follows:

      4” thick    $13.00 per square foot, or approximately $ 325 per 5’ x 5’ block

      6” thick    $16.00 per square foot, or approximately $ 400 per 5’ x 5’ block (driveways)

Property owners who make payment within 30 days of invoice will receive a $2 per sf discount. That will reduce the costs to $11 per sf for a 4-inch sidewalk ($275 per block) or $14 per SF for a 6-inch sidewalk ($350 per block).

Property owners who reside in the subject property and meet HUD income guidelines for either low or very low income, may qualify for an additional discount. 

Please visit the Customer Service Office at 119 South Walnut Street for an application. A copy of the resident's 2018 Federal Income Tax Return must be submitted when returning the application to the City’s Customer Service Office by Monday, December 16, 2019.

If you have questions regarding the sidewalk blocks needing repair, please contact the Engineer’s Office at 302-422-1110 or email If property owners have already responded and asked that the City complete the repairs, there is no need to respond again.

The City will be repairing any sidewalk blocks found to be deficient that contain a water meter box, sewer manhole/cleanout, street sign, fire hydrant, or utility pole at no cost to the property owner.   

Property owners also have the option of financing the sidewalk repair costs completed by the City over a 60-month period at no interest.  Residents will receive an invoice for the final sidewalk costs with payment options in February.  

Property owners who fail to pay for the sidewalk repairs, do not make the agreed upon payments, or who are financially unable to pay for the repair costs, will have a lien filed against the property.

City Ordinance Chapter 197 requires property owners to keep public sidewalks along City streets abutting their property in good repair. Sidewalks are an important component to making a neighborhood accessible and enjoyable to the public. It is important the City of Milford be a safe, walkable community, and we appreciate your effort in being part of this initiative.

Responsibilities & Services
Engineering is responsible for engineering services and providing technical assistance to the Public Works Department. 
Essential Functions
  • Managing inspections services for water, sewer, and road construction to assure materials and workmanship adhere to city standards,
  • Providing construction supervision and inspection of all paving, sewer, and storm sewer elements in new developments,
  • Providing maps and other documents to the public and other departments in the city,
  • Providing plan reviews of municipal improvement designs for new residential and commercial developments.

Engineering performs reviews of Final Major Subdivision applications, Final Site Plan applications and Feasibility Study applications pertaining to development within the City. For land use applications, please visit the Planning & Zoning webpage.